Friday, February 18, 2011

Bullying is historically a topic of concern for school children. We have countless laws on the books to thwart disruptive/violent behavior towards another; schools have student codes of conduct; State laws encourage bullying prevention programs in our schools. We have workplace bullying laws, internet bullying laws, federal bullying laws- basically countless hours have been spent on the topic of bullying.

I decided to look up three words
Bully: ‘lacks empathy for others. Has low degree of anxiety about consequences’.
Bullying:  It is characterized as behaving in a manner to gain power over another person. And it is a form of abuse.
Corporate bullying: ‘May occur when an organization struggles to adapt to changing markets, reduced income, cuts in budgets, imposed expectations, and other external pressures.
Goal of a bully: put you in your place. To make you feel inadequate, to pressure you to do what they want you to do.

Wisconsin has its share of bullies - They are the Teachers of Wisconsin’s children, they are part of a union. The union, once a great asset to America, has become a greedy self absorbed bullying machine. Incapable of adapting to current economic pressures, they want what they want and intimidation, riot, chaos aka bullying, is their means of getting it. One would think a teacher that professes tolerance and non bullying practices daily would lead by example and make haste not to be a bully, but one would be wrong. Great example of ‘do what I say not what I do’.

Teamster president Jim Hoffa said the protests were ‘”inspiring. Government workers didn’t cause Wisconsin’s budget problems and they don’t deserve to be punished for them. Governor Walker’s proposal is a vindictive attack on people he views as his political enemies”. I believe this is a great example of denial.

Wisconsin isn’t the only state struggling to resist union bullies either.
Nearly 4,000 government union workers crowded the Ohio Statehouse this week protesting a bill by Republican state senator Shannon Jones that would eliminate some collective bargaining rights for public union employees in the state. In Michigan, the budget proposed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder requires that state employee costs be reduced by $180 million.  In Indiana, over 600 United Steelworkers members protested Tuesday, opposing legislation that would make Indiana a right-to-work state and a different bill that would reduce unemployment benefits.

America is being held hostage by bullies. 

The last time I checked we don't negotiate with bullies - check the laws if you don't believe me. We have a choice today we can either stand up and say No More to the unions, their game, and Obama’s community organizing bs. If not – I fear we will reap what we sow and it won’t be good.