Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Republicans are proposing reckless budget cuts and anti-worker legislation? Did you further know that their proposed cuts will eliminate 1 Million jobs and services that help low income families? Are you fed up with Republicans slashing budgets at the expense of the middle class instead of demanding that Wall Street, Big Oil and millionaires pay their fair share? We can't afford these job-killing, economy-ruining Republican plans. Building on the momentum in Wisconsin, we'll urge Democrats to fight against any budget that would cut teachers, nurses, and firefighters or slash programs helping pregnant women feed their babies and families and seniors with their heating bills. And we'll force Republicans to say publicly why they support a jobs-killing budget. 
Ok, no I didn’t fall on my head - the above rhetoric is what MoveOn.org sent out to their 3.3 million members yesterday and want us to organize a protest (well, not us really) in front of Rep. Lowey’s office in White Plains this Thursday at 12 noon. This my friends is a prime example of the lefts exaggerated lies seeking a mob outcry. The 1 million jobs line includes the 200,000 NEW FEDERAL jobs that Obama put in place and perhaps, according to the WP another 650000 government jobs (unions) and a potential 325000 indirect losses of jobs as fewer government workers travel and buy things so says the article. Now let’s try and set the record straight shall we?
On Friday 92 Republicans joined the Democrats to say no to their original pledge of $100 billion in cuts. We know this. In Wisconsin and elsewhere we see union bosses fighting to maintain control over more than just wages and benefits. SEIU is on a roll with pop up nationwide rallies in protest of Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio. Obama is standing with the unions. Make no mistake about what is really going on here – the unions are losing power and the left is falling.

Chuck Norris wrote this morning that Do you think it’s just a coincidence that the two largest teachers unions, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, are the largest campaign contributors in the nation -- $55 million in just the past two years, more than the Teamsters, the National Rifle Association or any other organization -- and that 90 percent of those contributions fund only Democratic candidates? As I began to point out last week, the U.S. public education system is flailing now more than ever, and teachers unions are aiding and abetting its demise. Some teachers unions may indeed be fighting for some of our teachers, but they are failing our students by protecting adults at the expense of the reformation of a crippled and dying system. Teachers unions are crippling the education of our children. --Tenure and its guaranteed jobs are perpetuating educational dysfunction. --Existing bureaucracies in education, from the U.S. Department of Education to state school boards, are doing more harm than good. --Many public schools have become "dropout factories" (schools with high dropout rates). --Many public school districts are engaged in "lemon dances" (sending their worst teachers to other schools and then in turn accepting failing teachers themselves). --Many public school districts have "rubber rooms," places where teachers placed on disciplinary leave are waiting for hearings that could take three to four years to be heard. These teachers waste their time playing cards and other games while getting paid full salaries and benefits -- to the wasted sum of $100 million a year of taxpayer money. Think about this: If a teacher knows he can?t be fired, why should he work or care? What other profession, besides college professor, has that kind of contractual agreement? None.

The unions and their buddy Soro’s MoveOn.org know that the skyrocketing costs of government employee pension plans are the root cause but they don’t care they are using Alinsky tactics to fight for their survival as they know it. They don’t want to pay their fair share, they want us to pay it for them. Unemployment is high yet the number of government jobs rose. Think this is sustainable anywhere? Prepare for more lies, more outcry, and more mobs. Many are talking about a counter protest this morning – maybe we should. Of course our protest will look a bit different. Our signs will tell the Republicans to MAN UP and do what you were sent there to do. If you’re not aware Boehner has apparently lost the stomach for the fight. It’s going to come down to us demanding that every single Republican does what they are being paid to do. The unions, the lobbyists, the liberals, and the Democrats need a wakeup call –
AMERICA IS SINKING – it’s time to swim or be swallowed up.
AMERICA must be preserved and to do that we must CUT.
AMERICAN’s do NOT owe anything to the unions.
Someone wrote this morning that what we’re witnessing is a rearranging of deck chairs on the Titanic. That pretty much sums it up. We are either in this to keep America alive and strong or we’re not. I’ll be in White Plains on Thursday at noon. I’m in it to win it. Will you join me?