Saturday, March 12, 2011

Courage Needed

Daily I write about the trials and tribulations Americans are being forced to endure. Much like when Washington crossed the Potomac, we are facing perilous times.

I could give you figure and fact as to how each facet of our lives is being manipulated, but you are the choir, you know these things already. And you know these things because you read books and history and you do your homework.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve lost friends and family due to your awakened state, for there are those that wish to stay in the dark, their lives are hard enough without us spreading more doom and gloom, no matter the fact that what we tell them is based on reality.

We are called extremists, conspiracy theorists, and even domestic terrorists yet all we long for is the good old days when a moral compass ruled the land. We write letters, send faxes, forward emails with ‘Read to the End’, but nothing seems to make a pertinent difference.

The question becomes ‘why’ and what is the answer?

We are not of the ilk that will take it to the streets. We will not call out of work to go to Albany or Washington and demand to be heard. We will not destroy anything to get our way. It’s not in us b/c we know it’s wrong.

We are believers in the Republic – believers in the power of our vote – believers that something will change. But what do we do if nothing changes and we continue on the spiral declining path we are on?

Today we have many representatives that have forgotten their campaign promises – those that seek more power and re-election vs. what they’re being paid to do and that of course is preserving all that was good and clean in America and correcting the corrupted path we are on.

I get myself in tons of trouble just about weekly calling out representatives who have back tracked on their campaign promises. Many even go out of their way to ignore me in public – which I find humorous. I’m just a mom after all. But you see, they are so accustomed to speaking with people that have no clue that they think they can always get away with it.  

I liken them to my children. When one of my kids misses curfew, I say nothing that evening. In the morning, I let them think they got away with it. Then, I question ‘what time did you come in’ and watch the dance begin. In the end they know they are busted, but they will do their damnedest to make me believe, I am the one with a broken clock.

Our politicians, on both sides, have yet to learn that we, We the People, are grown ups and can handle the truth. We may not like it, but as they have been elected to represent US, they owe us the courtesy of telling us the truth, every day, every time. But 9 times out of 10, that truth may hurt their re election dreams so they resort to lying or pretending that we’ve misunderstood.

Principles matter.

Courage matters. 

As we leave the security of our homes each day we must put on a badge of courage. Courage is defined as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc without fear. We must have courage in our convictions at all costs and armed with our armor of truth, we can be fearless as we speak with the sheeple among us.

The fight is no longer a Tea Party fight – the fight is a taxpayer versus taxeater fight. Together, we can bring about the changes we seek – smaller, limited government, fiscal responsibility and common sense legislation.  But it will take courage. The saying goes something like this All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. The question becomes what are YOU doing?

I was sent this paragraph and reference it here for it speaks to America’s need – its real need.  People of character must step forward to run for seats both locally and nationally. Citizens of character everywhere must vote for them, work for them and pray for them. Good looks and money and a fancy education are not enough anymore. We need candidates who tell the truth, and who are not afraid to face the music. We need candidates who cherish the Constitution and personal liberty. We must end the character and leadership deficits that we have today. We must not linger. We must do it now.

Do some soul searching this weekend and contemplate your own stepping up to the plate to win back America by becoming a potential candidate, be it on your school board, town board, Party Committee, or County Legislature. You already possess the necessary armor, now you just need to put on the badge of courage.

Give this some serious consideration won’t you? America Needs YOU.